Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tailbone Flare

Who knew RA could attack your tailbone?!?! I surely did not. Yesterday I noticed some soreness in my tailbone and that it was uncomfortable to sit upright. This morning, one of my ribs joined the party and my tailbone hurt so badly that it even hurts to walk.

I am now two weeks into Enbrel and have not felt any effects. In fact, I feel worse. It may be because of the week and a half I went without any treatment (except methotrexate) due to switching from Humira to Enbrel. My mother went undiagnosed for years after RA hit her and when she finally settled on a treatment, it was Enbrel. She still takes it now. She is not in remission, not pain free, but she does live a pretty normal life. I can only hope Enbrel will do the same for me.

Both my internist and my rheumy have said that because RA hit me so hard so fast, that they have reason to think I will be able to reach remission. This sounds counterintuitive to me, but perhaps there is some research study out there proving just that. Here's hoping!



Hi Kryssie,
Welcome to the RA blogosphere. Sorry about your diagnosis and I hope Enbrel works for you. I share your love of biology as I have a degree in it and taught science for a while. I write a blog about RA and regularly incorporate scientific related posts.

I'll add your blog to my blogroll.


A fellow bio nerd! :) Always a pleasure! I had planned to teach after getting my degree as it's a great love of mine. Thanks for reading and I will definitely check out your blog!


I'm another biologist - or rather ex-biologist - I have a PhD but I'm not involved in academia anymore. This has NOTHING to do with my RA. It was a decision I made years before diagnosis - I just didn't like academia so I've done other stuff! :-) Still have a strong interest in biology though!

I do hope the Enbrel will work for you!


I haven't even made it out of grad school, but I did get a little disillusioned with academia as well. I worked for a national lab for a while as part of an internship program and I like it better but it wasn't quite the right fit either. Now I might not be able to finish and find out. I guess it depends how much control I eventually get with treatment...

Thanks for the good wishes, I'm still hoping it kicks in!!

Edward Harris

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